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Painted Steel Tapered Wastebasket, 3 gal - Ivory

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A Placewares Guest Favorite

A perfect little wastebasket in beautifully painted metal shades. 

It is happy at home or work office, bedroom or bath. 

Winner of a 2015 Good Design award. Bunbuko has been made in Japan since 1918.

The Bunbuko wastebasket has been in production unchanged for 60-plus years.  The wastebaskets are made of steel. "Taper Bucket's" smart design - worthy of a Good Design award - is corrosion-resistant and durable because each part has been assembled by fastening instead of welding. The Taper Bucket also has a characteristic rib in its steel form. The rib increases the strength of the can's steel body. And, the rib also helps you to easily move it, or stack them if you like.

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For safe use, the seam of the steel plate is covered. A plastic bottom cover helps protect your floor.

Size: 10 ¾ in diameter x 13 ½ in high; 3-gallon capacity.

Material: painted steel.