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Playme Pat Bells, 8-set

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Easy to Learn Music

Use Color to Easily Explore the Wonders of Music

Pat Bells is music made simple and fun. No more broken strings, and no tuning required. Simply pat the bells for vibrant and colorful notes!

New with 16 Song Cards

Our 8 Bell Set includes eight bells arranged in a classic, one octave C major scale. Because C major is one of the most recognizable scales, it is both an easy and intuitive place for young learners to begin exploring the musical world. Simply tap on the wooden top knobs to create enchanting tones. This patented design not only completely eliminate the double ring effect that might frustrate young learners when playing with standard handbells, but also enables pleasing auditory experiences for children with low muscle tone or delayed motor skill development.

These color-coded bells, each representing one of 8 notes in the major scale, make it easy for children to follow included songs or create their own. The joyful play experience promotes eye-hand coordination and self-esteem and fosters musical creativity. Each iron bell is mounted in a high-quality beech wood stand with a tapping knob on top. Includes 8 bells, 4 large double-sided song cards, and an elegantly designed storage/carry case.

Included are four hand-picked song cards, with easy-to-play, color-coded notes that match the color of each bell, integrating both visual and auditory learning together.  Additionally, the polished wood finish is both safe and smooth to the touch. The 8 Bell Set also includes a portable box, making it easy to take the Pat Bells experience anywhere you go!

Ages 3+

Material: High-quality beechwood. Iron bells.

Size:  16 x 11 x 5 in.