Pieni Unikko cushion cover - red

MM 064163-001

Dream of Spring. 

Fill it with sleepy thoughts. Made with 100% cotton, dreams are bound to bloom and multiply. This pillowcase adds fresh ideas to the living room, bedroom, or office. And the zipper is hidden so it won’t distract from the main attraction. Perfect to share with good company.

Add a pillow insert. Our 100% cotton pillow inserts measure 20" x 20" and are made in the USA with 100% white duck feathers & 2% down of US origin. Pillow inserts cannot be vacuum packed and should be professionally laundered.

Pattern: Pieni unikko ii

Pattern Designer: Maija & Kristina Isola

Material: 100 % Cotton

Size: 20" x 20"

Care: Follow the washing temperature given.

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