Pinocchio - multiple sizes



Experience the real Pinocchio with growing noses.

These classic wood Pinocchio dolls with the two sizes of nose are made in Italy. A favorite for children and adults for over 125 years, they have the same character and fisnihs as many of you will remember from your childhood.

You will remember that when Pinocchio tells a lie or is misleading in his relationships with his friends, his nose grows longer. Our Pinocchio, just like the original, has two noses: a short one and al longer nose rubber-banded to his movable arm's wrist. In the event Pinocchio begins to tell even a little white lie, his short nose can be unscrewed and replaced with a long nose. Fully-articulated, Pinocchio can sit or stand.

Each doll is meticulously crafted from wood, dipped color for long lasting durability, and then hand detailed and assembled, all in Italy.

He is a dear!

Manufacturer - Mastro Geppetto

Material - painted wood

Dimensions - Large: 14.5 inches; Small: 12 inches

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