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Rhubarb Kumquat Jam

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Two of Our Favorite Flavors United

Full, tart, citrus notes.

Blended Meiwa kumquats and rhubarb together make an extraordinary textured and flavored jam that plays on an interesting combination of winter and early spring. It’s tart, yet subdued—perfect on top of ice cream!!

Meiwa kumquats hail from Japan and were introduced to Europe in 1846 by a horticulturist named Robert Fortune. Meiwas have a thick, sweet, edible aromatic peel and a tart interior flesh making them a very dynamic and balanced fruit to eat whole. In the Placewares kitchen, when in season, they are found in countertop bowls handy for snacking on throughout the days. 

Size: 8 oz.

Ingredients: Meiwa kumquat*, rhubarb*, cane sugar*, Sorrento lemon juice*

*certified organic