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Riki Clock - Large

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A Clock Design So Great It Is in the Japanese Design Collection

The Riki Clock family available in several sizes applies the twelve-hour figures and its clock hands both slightly oversized, yet in harmony with one another and the size of the overall clock. The effect is not overpowering. It simply is, natural.

Riki Clocks are a handmade labor of love. The wooden body frame of plywood is still made by skillful craftspeople in Japan in spite of mass-produced clocks made elsewhere. 

Good Design Award


Riki Watanabe established Japan’s first design office, the RIKI WATANABE Design Office, in 1949. He left a legacy of many iconic Japanese designs from furniture to interiors. Yet, his work on clocks and watches became his lifework.

Designer: Riki Watanabe

Material: Plywood, glass

Size: 12 in x 1.9 in/305 × 48mmWeight 750g

Care: Wipe with a damp cloth.