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Riki Steel Clock, assorted colors

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Japanese Minimalism at Its Finest

The Riki Steel Clock is an extraordinarily beautiful wall clock based on the classic combo of black and white. The Steel Clock has an extra-fine seconds needle monochromatic with the clock face; its effect is an exquisitely balanced, fine second hand that is enjoyable to see and watch move. The Riki Steel Clock has slightly oversized twelve-hour numbers like its sister Riki Clocks, yet the effect is naturally balanced, not overpowering. 

Riki Watanabe established Japan’s first design office, the RIKI WATANABE Design Office, in 1949. He left a legacy of many iconic Japanese designs from furniture to interiors. Yet, his work on clocks and watches became his lifework.
Specifications: Sweep Second
Designer: Riki Watanabe

Material: Steel, ABS resin, glass

Size: 9.4 x 2.4 in/204 x 60 mmWeight 660g

Care - Wipe with a damp cloth.