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Sand Castle Kit


KID Quut-6008-Multi

Here at Placewares we still build sand castles even as adults! Our favorite was an Streamline Moderne hotel we made on the beach in Vieques complete with leaf awnings and umbrellas. What's your favorite - whether child or grown-up?

The Alto is a three-part toy inspired by professional sand-builders. It’s stackable, small-medium-large components allow kids (and adults) to become an expert, creating firm structures that won’t crumble away in minutes. No need for multiple buckets...simply fill, press and form, now your multi-layered tower is done!

Design a single tower, a complicated castle or an entire sand village - the Alto makes it easy. And when you’re finished, the toy’s click-and-stack design makes clean-up and transport a breeze.

Alto - the fastest and easiest way to build with sand.

Age: 3+

Size:  7.1 × 7.1 × 4.3 in 

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