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Scoop Plus colander | Scoop, Drain & Serve

JOS 10066


Large and Small Colanders


This simple but effective kitchen utensil allows you to scoop, drain and serve food straight from a hot pan or baking tray- great for scooping up pasta or veg from a boiling pan.

This handy scoop colander is available in two sizes, both with silicone handles and each with their own individual features.

The large version of Scoop™ Plus incorporates small pan hooks on the underside of the tool head that allow you to conveniently rest it on the side of a pan as it drains. 

The small version has a specially designed front edge that makes it ideal for scraping food from non-stick baking trays. Both sizes are heat resistant up to 200°C/392°F and dishwasher safe.

This essential, multi-functional utensil is a great addition to your kitchen tool collection.

Dishwasher safe. Food safe. BPA free.

Gray is discontinued color. Supply limited.

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