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Goodbye Detergent

Scrub Holder, Stainless Steel

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Handy, Rust-Proof Stainless to Keep Your Scrubbies Dry and Clean

We like this rust-proof stainless scrub holder because its suction cups keep it in the sink basin out of eyesight, and its open design helps quickly dry scrubs so they stay clean and sanitary.
Our scrub holder works with with our All-Purpose Spaghetti Scrub


  • Made with: Stainless steel
  • Use for holding scrubs, pads and scraper.
  • Mountable in, above or behind your sink

Goodbye Detergent® is the award-winning line of environmentally friendly cleaning scrubs for your home, made with materials such as recycled corn cobs, peach pits, walnut shells, pumice stones, and plastic bottles. These natural abrasives help to reduce the need for detergents and the scrubs last for months. Designed by Hiroki Hayashi, these scrubs are Made in Japan and come in 100 % recycled packaging. Goodbye Detergent® offers you long lasting, unique, pliable scrubs that will change the way you clean.