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Seat Dots

Size Guide

Transform Any Seat

Hella Jongerius, 2016

The Seat Dots by Hella Jongerius are round, universal seat cushions. They have thin upholstery padding and come in a wide selection of bold or subdued color combinations to suit every taste and interior.

Material: firm, high-quality fleece pad, Plano fabric cover on both sides, Ø 15“.

The round upholstered Seat Dot cushions offer a simple way to add comfort to chairs made of plastic, wood, or metal. The different colored faces create subtle or bold accents, which are further enhanced by the edge binding.

Hella Jongerius developed the Seat Dots as universal seat cushions, whose size and color palette perfectly suit a diverse range of chairs. The cushion can be used on both sides and washed if necessary.

parchment/cream white tobacco/cream white
yellow/pastel green parchment/cream white
cream white/sierra gray light gray/ice blue
pink/sierra gray light gray/sierra gray
coconut/forest forest/sierra gray
red/poppy red orange
red/coconut poppy red
classic green/forest classic green/cognac
mint/forest petrol/nero
nero/ice blue petrol/nero
blue/coconut nero/ice blue
dark gray/nero marron/nero
nero/cream white sierra gray/nero
dark red/nero dark red/ice blue