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Shanghai Pickup Sticks

Size Guide

Can You Make the Sticks Stand?

Prepare Yours First, and Win!

Pickup Sticks tests your hand and eye coordination as you attempt to remove a stick without any of the other sticks moving (or collapsing!). Will you risk removing a stick with a higher score although it is not as safe a move as one with a lower score?

Our set of Shanghai Pickup Sticks are almost sculptural when not in use and the packing up is almost as much fun as the playing. 

The set includes 50 wooden sticks in 3 colors with a wooden ring presented in a canvas string bag.

Ages 5+

Material High-quality beech, maple, and bamboo.100% FSC-certified Beachwood and Maple; Packaging - Natural packaging 100% recyclable packaging.

Size: 17 x 4 x 1 in.