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Soft "Tamura" Body Brush - Natural Fibers

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For Youthful Skin

One of our best friend's mother's 'secret' to youthful skin.

Kamenoko Tawashi natural scrub brushes have been popular in Japan for over 100 years. The company was established in Tokyo 1907, and since then has produced these raw, natural palm fiber brushes. We have a dear friend's Japanese mother who uses her soft, "tamura", body scrub, and she claims it is her 'secret' to youthful skin 80-years in.

Refreshing in the bath and perfect for a massage. Its benefits are numerous:

  • Stiff shoulders
  • Foot scrub
  • Warming cold feet and hands
  • Back pain

Material: Sisal hemp

Size: 6 x 3 in