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Sola Shio, Japanese Finishing Sea Salt

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If only we could get Sola's Shio ice cream back for you from Japan too! 

Sun-Dried Sea Salt from the Inland Japan Sea

We discovered SOLASHIO (sun salt) fine Japanese sea salt when staying at Benesse House art museum and hotel on Naoshima. We picked up a bag to sample and found ourselves sprinkling it on a great buttered bread or on eggs. It is a gorgeous finishing salt, and it does not hurt that it takes us back to some of our most memorable travel days on the Inland Japan Sea.

SOLASHIO is a solar-powered salt farm on the island of Naoshima. Naoshima is historically a salt-producing and fishing island that today is now also an art island. SOLASHIO reaches perfection slowing drying in the sunlight.

"Perfectly Naoshima Solar Salt [Solacio] The warm climate of Setouchi and the blessings of the rich sea nature. SOLASHIO is created using only the power of nature, making use of the salt-making technology that was popular in Naoshima. At the Naoshima Taiyo Salt Factory, people from Naoshima spend time and effort to draw seawater from the beach at hand and extract salt using only the sun and sea breeze. SOLA SHIO is Naoshima's original salt that is rich in calcium and feels slightly sweet."


Size: 65 g

[Nutrition facts] per 100g

Kagawa Prefectural Pharmacist Examination Center Research 34.2g Energy 0.0kcal Protein 0.0g Lipid Sodium Potassium 98mg Calcium 1940mg Carbohydrate 0.0g Magnesium 287mg

SOLAR SALT LABORATORY SOLA Naoshima Solar Salt Factory "Sorashio" OIHS

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