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Teardrop Paper Towel Holder

Size Guide

Don't Cry 

Our Teardrop Paper Towel Holder is elegant and refined in form, featuring a brushed nickel finish, narrow shaping, and subtle design feature of a circular bulb at the top. Constructed of cast-metal, Teardrop is sturdy and long-lasting. Its weighted base secures the product in place and maintains stability when tearing off a sheet. Yet, Teardrop is also lightweight and measures just 6 dia. x 13.5 in.  (15.2 dia. x 35.6 cm).

Maintenance is hassle-free, requiring a mere wipe down to clean and a quick unscrewing of the top knob to replace rolls. Its fresh, elegant design makes the product easy to match with any stainless-steel appliances or other decor styles.

Minimalist Form

Teardrop Paper Towel Holder is what we call fancy casual, with its brushed nickel finish, and subtle, slim shape. The product is simple enough to integrate into other designs and its small footprint allows it to be placed on any countertop, consuming little space


With its die-cast metal plating, Teardrop is sturdy, secure and durable

Weighted Base

Teardrop’s weighted base and rubber surface serve as a stabilizer, keeping the paper towel holder from spinning, sliding, or tipping over. This added weight in the lower section allows for clean one-handed tears, while still preserving the lightweight, moveable nature of the product

Easy to Clean

Wipe down with a damp cloth

Material: Die-cast metal.


Size: 6" diameter x 13 ½ in.

Care: Handwash.

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