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Tsuzumi Cast Iron Kettle

Size Guide

 Cast iron kettles were first made in Iwate, Japan 300 years ago and have become known as Nambu Tekki. Since their inception, people have fallen in love with the delicious water boiled in these kettles.

Water boiled in iron kettles becomes soft and tastes good even when cooled. Iron teapots are coated with enamel on the inside to prevent rust even if water is left inside them.  

The Maker

The Oigen Foundry is located in an area that has been producing traditional Nambu ironware for 900 years. By casting in fine-grain sand the ironware has a renowned smooth and unblemished surface. If cared for properly Oigen ironware can last over 100 years and is made from 75% recycled material.


10.5 high x 7 long x Ø 4.5

Made in Japan

Please note that as with all cast iron cookware these products require special care and maintenance. To avoid rust developing allow a properly “seasoned” surface to develop over time. Please closely follow any included instructions.