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Ultimate Flip, assorted colors

Size Guide

Intelligent By Design

GIR's original turners are intelligent by design. They are thin but not flimsy. Sturdy by not clumsy. And made from the best silicone in the galaxy. 

They'll flip silver dollar pancakes, porterhouse steaks, and everything in between.

  • 30% more surface area than traditional flippers
  • Sturdy blade for lifting and turning
  • Beveled edges to slide under food
  • Completely safe on nonstick cookware
  • Durable unibody design
  • Antimicrobial
  • Easy to clean

Material: Exterior: FDA approved pharmaceutical grade silicone; Interior: Proprietary fiberglass core; eco-friendly BPA & BPS free; heath proof from -40F to 464F & heat resistant to 550F; stain and odor resistant

Size 14.3 x 3.3 inches

Care: Dishwasher safe

Warranty: Lifetime guarantee

Studio White