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Uusi Matkuri Bag

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Rattle the Routine

We picked up our first Uusi Matkuri bag at the flagship Marimekko store in Helsinki a few years back, and it soon became our go-to bag for nearly everything: airplane carry-on, weekend bag for quick road trips, and even laundry hamper! We wholeheartedly recommend this enduring design from Ristomatti Ratia dating to the '70's and made of heavyweight cotton that can stand up to everything we've thrown at it (or in it)!

Pack items in the durable Matkuri tote bag and rev up the car for a weekend away. It has two sturdy hand straps augmented by a side hand grasp, a top zip closure, an interior zip pocket and an extra layer of canvas reinforces the bottom. Ristomatti Ratia originally designed the classic Uusi Matkuri in the 1970s. Made of 100% heavyweight cotton canvas.

Material - 100% cotton

Size - 20.5 x 18.5 x 9 in/47 x 52 x 23 cm

Care - Wash separately. Do not soak. May fade.

Dark Blue