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Vulcano Ginger Hot Sauce



Named one of the hottest products of 2017 by NPR's Here & Now 

Vulcano Giner makes your mouth water and your taste buds tingle.

With a medium spice level (it's definitely hotter than our Vulcano Classic), and a bright, tangy flavor, Vulcano Ginger is a great dipping sauce and an everyday condiment too.

Its exotic, spicy bite of ginger pairs perfectly with seafood, pork, and poultry. Try it on oysters, crab, fish, rice dishes, grilled and steamed vegetable, stir-fries, Asian inspired recipes, mixed with cream cheese, yogurt or salad dressings, in cocktails, as a base for broths and with chips. This sauce is addictive!

Vulcano Ginger is sugar-free, has 0 calories per serving, it's USDA certified and it's made with organic, California produce. 

Ingredients: Organic bell pepper, organic onions, water, organic tomatoes, organic
white wine vinegar, organic ground ginger, organic garlic, organic cayenne pepper, natural sea salt, xantham gum. Sugar Free.

Size: 5 oz

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