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Wall Shelf 112, Alvar Aalto

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Elegant & Practical

Hang with the brackets above or below the shelf panel

Alvar Aalto, 1936

Wall Shelf 112 employs lamella loops as brackets to support a substantial birch veneer panel. The particular lamella loops used in the creation of Wall Shelf 112 require the strength of two people to bend them into shape and come with a single seam. The brackets can be placed both below and above the panel, in which case they also serve as bookends. Elegant and practical, this wall shelf displays designer Alvar Aalto’s affinity with natural materials.

Available in a variety of finishes that match the Kaari collection

Ideal for storing precious objects

Brackets: Form-bent solid birch lamella

Shelf core: Solid birch frame, birch plywood, honeycomb

Shelf surface: Birch veneer

Made in Finland.

This product is available in natural, black or white birch

Natural Lacquered
White Lacquered
Black Lacquered