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Wengler Chair

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Smooth & Solid

Award-winning design

Robert Wengler perfected the fine craftsmanship of rattan furniture-making and was known for challenging his materials in new ways. With its unique pattern and signature curves, the eponymous Robert Wengler Chair is a testament both to Wengler's skill and the inimitable quality of the rattan he used.

Robert Wengler

R. Wengler who was born in Germany, perfected the fine craftmanship of making wicker furniture in materials like rush and willow, materials which you could find and grow in Europe. Louis Wengler, the son of Robert Wengler, found the exotic material rattan at the Leipziger fair in Germany. R. Wengler was appointed as wicker maker to the Crown in 1914 as King Christian X placed a large order for rattan furnishing. Robert Wengler was now known as the best wicker maker in Denmark and many, now famous, architects came to his workshop to receive know-how and understanding about weaving and wickerwork. Among those were Danish architects Arne Jacobsen, Viggo Boesen, Nanna & Jørgen Ditzel, and Kay Bojesen. They had many of their prototypes made in R. Wenglers workshop in Copenhagen. Today R. Wengler stands as one of the pioneers in rattan production. What he did to the craftsmanship and the way he challenged the material, paves the way for the way we know rattan furniture today. 


  • Height (cm) 81
  • Width (cm) 62
  • Depth (cm) 61
  • Seat Height (cm) 46
  • Height (inches) 31.9
  • Width (inches) 24.4
  • Depth (inches) 24
  • Seat Height (inches) 18.1
  • Use: Indoor
  • Care: Wash with water mixed with mild soap and remove stains with a sponge or medium brush


Natural Rattan

Rattan is a sustainably-grown material that is strong, lightweight, flexible, and durable. Rattan is a climbing plant that grows in the Indonesian rainforest without disturbing the existing structure and balance in the rainforest.