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Apricot Jam
$ 16.00

Ayako & Family's Apricot Jam is true apricot balanced by notes of lemon zest and honeysuckle.  : 8 oz.

Pink Rhubarb Jam
$ 16.00

Rhubarb is near and dear to our hearts. It was a summer staple of our childhoods, and it continues to bring back great food and family memories. Pure essence of pink rhubarb, Ayako & Family's take on this fruit jam is...

China Plum Jam - Seasonal Availability
$ 16.00

The China Red Plum is a palm-sized round, red wild plum that exceeds our expectations despite its humble nature. The fruit brings the sweet scent of honeysuckle to the palate of this jam, and matched with the tartness of its...

Damson Plum Jam
$ 16.00

One of the finest jams made "The texture of the damson plum jam from this Seattle-based producer is one you won't soon forget: luscious, even creamy, delivering seriously potent flavor. It's winelike and full of bass notes but still strikingly...