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Samphire Eau De Toilette

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Essence of the Sea

Evoking the invigorating coastal air, Samphire blends juniper and verbena with lavender, basil and rosemary, with undertones of white amber and oak moss.

Clearly evocative of the seashore, Samphire began with a sprig of verbena and a pinch of juniper berries.  The bright, cool scent has base notes of white amber and oak moss as well as touches of citrus oil, lavender, basil and rosemary.  Complex and long-lasting on the skin.

Samphire started with a young leaf of verbena plucked on a spring afternoon. The scent was so arrestingly fresh it inspired what became Samphire. A spring of crushed verbena with a pinch of juniper berries let Samphire take shape. Its ultimate result is a blend with citrus oil, flourishes of lavender, basil and rosemary with base notes of white amber and oakmoss. 

Founded in the UK in 2012, the modern scents of Laboratory Perfumes have the flora of the English coast and countryside as their starting point and evolve in complex layers on the skin.  Unisex.  Scents and packaging 100% made in UK.