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Tako Hand Puppet - Companion to The Good Dog Book Series

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Tako Hand Puppet - Companion to The Good Dog book series

A soft, plush, child-friendly hand puppet companion to the Good Dog book series, which includes books The Good Dog and The Good Dog and The Bad Cat

Books: The Good Dog / The Good Dog and The Bad Cat 

Author(s): Written by Todd Kessler, Illustrated by Jennifer Gray Olson

Publisher: Coral Stone Press, 2015. 

From the Publisher: 

“The mantra among today’s major publishers is that picture books should be no more than 500-700 words. Why do content providers have such a persistently low expectation of young children?  Have they forgotten their own childhoods, when they loved longer books such as Dr. Seuss’ The Loraxand Horton Hears a Who (both, like The Good Dog, more than 2,000 words)?”  —Todd Kessler, author, from his USA TodayOp-Ed entitled Parents, Don't Buy Myth of Short Attention Span


"It's the stories that matter . . . [kids] want to think, they want to expand their mind, they want to understand the world around them. They do that through character and story . . . In [The Good DogSeries], there...are open-ended questions, because I always want to press kids to think for themselves.”  —Todd Kessler, author, from his interview with Casual Muse entitled Kids Don’t Have a Short Attention Span