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White Wine - Jasper Morrison's Glass Family, Set/4

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“This is all you need to set out a great daily table.”

That's how Jasper Morrison described the porcelain and glass services that accompany the KnifeForkSpoon cutlery, so forming Alessi's first offering of a complete "entry price" service - an expression intended to be a mark of quality, seeing as how no compromise was accepted for the quality of the design.

Quite the opposite: the search for "normality" in Jasper Morrison's work gives his designs an aura of sophisticated simplicity that achieves one of the ambitions of the “A di Alessi” brand very well.

Glass for white wine in crystalline glass.

Also, in the Glass Family:

  • Water glass
  • Red wine glass
  • Goblet

Pieces per box: 4 (Each $9.50)
Height (inches): 3½″
Content (quarts): 8 ¾ oz