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Hasami Porcelain at Placewares

Multi-Purpose Nesting Set of Tall Bowls

Hasami Porcelain's Bowl collection is a set of straight-edged, 2 7/8 inch high, space-saving nesting bowls. Each bowl size is compatible with its matching diameter size Tray Lid. A multi-purpose Tray Lid can be used as a cover for your Bowl, or as a coaster/trivet.

Bowls are available in Gloss Gray, Natural and Black. Gloss Blue is available in limited sizes.

Hasami Porcelain is a modular, mix-and-match dinnerware system made of fine porcelain in the Hasami prefecture of Japan, a region long-known for fine porcelain. With Hasami, you can build a minimalist, monochrome single-glaze set, or build a  diverse collection of mixed glazes.