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Korbo 35L Planting Bag - 3 Pack

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A Swedish Tradition Since 1922

We fell in love with Korbo in Stockholm, a basket overflowing with flowers

Korbo Handwoven Wire Basekts - Since 1922 - Sweden

Korbo handwoven wire baskets are functional and timeless baskets with a history that dates back to the early 1920’s Sweden. In the old days, the baskets were used by fishermen and farmers or anyone who needed reliable carrying and storage that could withstand weather, wind, wear and tear.

The design, vision, and craftsmanship behind the basket are still as relevant today as then.

The Planting Bags are made of permeable geotextile which limits evaporation and at the same time allows excess water to pass through.

Material: Acid-proof stainless steel

Fits: Our Korbo Classic 35 basket

Material: Black permeable geotextile

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