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Laboratory Perfumes

It’s a New Method of Making Perfume the Old-Fashioned Way

Founded in 2011, British scent specialists Laboratory Perfumes craft unique, gender-free fragrances, scientifically formulated to react to the wearer and evolve over the day. Inspired by the natural flowers, herbs and aromatic botanicals of Britain and beyond, the range of scents and candles is made with natural oils, selected with care and blended with precision.


Laboratory Perfumes at Placewares


Eco & Ethics

Laboratory Perfumes vision is to look after the world. After all, it’s where both the inspiration and the ingredients for their fragrances come from. All of their practices and perfumes are formed in accordance with the same Hippocratic principle underpinning modern medicine: ‘first, do no harm’.

Laboratory Perfumes scents are made in the UK using socially conscious, environmentally friendly and cruelty-free ingredients. Animals are not tested upon.  And, their scents are created in their own lab using essential and fragrant oils.  All of them are skin-kind and free from parabens (Gorse does contain a small amount of phthalates & preservatives which are required to stabilize the citrus oils).

Laboratory Perfumes fragrances are made with non-animal-derived ingredients and therefore vegan. They demand the same ethical and environmental standards of everyone they work with – their supply chain is small, transparent, located entirely within the UK and fully adherent to ISO 9000: 2008. All glass, card and paper used in Laboratory Perfumes packaging is sustainably sourced and widely recycled.

Finally, Laboratory Perfumes fragrances are intended to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. Gender is the one thing they - and we - really don’t care about.

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