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Tonka Eau De Toilette

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Exotic and Indulgent

An exotic fragrance capturing the zing of mandarin and pink peppercorn alongside warm woodland aromatics, finishing with the earthy vanilla of the tonka bean.

Dried berries of the Peruvian pepper tree paired with mandarin and warm woodland aromatics have a finely balanced mandarin floral fruitiness to their aroma.  Final touch of tonka bean adds vanilla and tobacco notes.  Complex, exotic and cleanly elegant. 

Exotic and indulgent, Tonka's story begins in a jar of pink peppercorns. Rummaging in the spice cupboard, Laboratory Perfumes discovered that beneath the peppery notes the dried berries have a floral fruitiness. Combined with the zing of mandarin and the rich depth of woodland aromatics, Tonka came to life.

Founded in the UK in 2012, the modern scents of Laboratory Perfumes have the flora of the English coast and countryside as their starting point and evolve in complex layers on the skin.  Unisex.  Scents and packaging 100% made in the UK.